I'm not a Lutheran. Can I still worship with you and receive communion?

Yes!  You are most welcome.  We have people attending our services from many faith backgrounds… and even people without any prior experience with church. Our communion table is God’s table, not a Lutheran table, and as such, all are welcome to partake of communion.

Most of the time we do communion, people come up front and kneel down, then are handed a wafer with which they ‘intinct’ or dip in the wine or grape juice and then place in their mouth.  Sometimes, though, we might do this a little differently, but we’ll explain it ahead of time.


I don't know much about God or the Bible. Where do you suggest I start?

We love to help people understand God’s Word!  Our pastors would love to sit down and discuss your spiritual journey over a cup of coffee and help guide you to the best Bible study or small group here at FLRB.

For starters, though, why not try our 9:45 New Community service?  And please stay afterward for our coffee hour so that we may better get to know you.


I've never been baptized, but I've been thinking about it for me and my children. Where do I begin?

Come on by our pastors’ offices and let us get to know you better.  We offer baptismal classes several times a year and would be happy to discuss baptism for you and your children.


I'm looking for a church. Why should I consider FLRB?

Choosing a church is a personal decision, but, pardon us, we think that First Lutheran is a special place where God’s spirit is moving in people’s lives.  We’re large enough to provide many opportunities to learn and serve… yet small enough where we’ll not only get to know your name — but get to know you and your family as well.

We offer Sunday School for children and also have a thriving preteen and teen group.

We also have several groups for seniors, and provide many social activities and gatherings for people who are in their retirement years.

Come and visit us and see what you think.